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There’s so many ideas to work with around this subject, although this month I found sadness come over me, when looking at the outcome of poor stewardship.  (read: Greenpeace)    On the other hand- the possibilities in responsible natural biodegradable products, that are available is exciting and filled with possibilities.


The sculpture No. 623_“Witness”  (2018) is made from recycled manufacturing metals, my current understanding of indigenous Peoples and how the Oil Sands impacts them.

My intention is to spend time at the Athabasca oil sands (or tar sands) where large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centered on the boomtown of Fort McMurray.

i believe: spending time in place, is where I will become submerged in experience and atmosphere to create reactionary work. It is important to the documentation and expansion of the work and project to connect the people first hand.

The idea of BoomTown intrigues me.

At this time I seek funding for this and will be applying for grant.

No. 625_Lamprocapnos Spectabilis  (detail)

No. 625_Lamprocapnos Spectabilis  (detail)

No. 625_Lamprocapnos Spectabilis                                                                                       24″ x 6″ Material: exhaust pipe with rust, fuel line, motor head, intake part.

This sculpture is a cross connection of platforms.
I created sculpture from mechanical parts that reference fuel, travel, industry, movement, decay, and connected physical space by photographing in placing and time. Photographs reveal sculpture in climate atmospheres, as to reference “we” the humans are the object in universe. Photographs vary for storyline using dimension of location to reveal, examine, the depth and connections in the fossil fuel issues.

Thoughts: The sculpture is the embodiment of my struggle. I struggle to understand why everyone is not outraged with the issues of earth stewardship. Sometimes I think the reactions im seeing are -Hope or maybe a happy go lucky attitude, stupid bliss, then I come across; I don’t give a shit, I will not be around and everything in between – depending on the moment and where i have these conversations. Most recently I was called a “Save The World Bleeding Heart!” (hence the name with the metaphoric twist referencing plant) -like that’s a bad thing – I thought shouldn’t we all be?

Scientific name meaning: plant – Bleeding Heart 

Oil Drawings-

Photo Series- “Mother Earth”

Mother Nature

In this work through photography i create paradoxes of female, mother, earth, change, climate, evolution, and the notion of fact. the mannequin was chose for color and shape questioning black and white and moving without a head or legs to stand on using my standard approach to metaphor with is found throughout my work.  This is a large series of ideas as positioned with ice formations creating a tension around climate and responsibility -STEWARDSHIP.


Architecture as process of evolution-




Cherish the day
ground, air and water
Give thanks to natures play
Until one day
A decision was made
Monsters arrive
Start the drive
Eating pounds of dirt with pride
Change – far as one can see
Landscape gone
In Promises of wealth
A deed in greed
As the world notices not
And all is forgot.

Earth Bare
Dependent – despair.
Dirt – Water & Oxygen
Slippery slope for man
Middle ground gone
Duress & Fear- pump through the air…
Strip mines, Bombs, Refugees, War.
Human despair.
Plastic the score.
The promise- Free – Stuff
A pyramid scheme
Packaged in a pill –
Stop listening – Go to sleep ………
Humanity crushed in greed.
Brazin pride and self-worth,
Blaze forward- Care not- Text a Play
Risks accountable
No peace – for source
No place for empathy
Plodding the course
No responsibility.
Focus on gain.
Acts turn of rage. Running fast- the Craze. Policies – Guns & Blame.
the Earth Cries as the Sun Screams and the Ice Melts while the Animals Die.
Act Now- Think of tomorrow. Without your pride. Wake up – Wake up – Wake up- -this is Not a Dream to shake off and ignore we need peace on the scene.
this day – Today – a chance change.
The Mother- The earth, has felt great pain.
Its time stewards- to CARE. Otherwise Beware……..

Leave a small print so others can exist
Cultivate the ground in kindness and care
History and memory hold natures tail
Mother natural a smile on the land
Sun nurtured harmonic wealth in growth
Land and sky cherished by tribe
Fish and breeze carry creature with ease
Now nature cries.

Once upon a time
Leave a small print so others can exist
Cultivate the ground in kindness and care
History and memory hold natures tail
Cherish a smile, be Light on the land
Sun’s nurtures wealth in a harmonic vibration
Water and Breeze, Carry Creature with Ease
Now nature cries -why

This month lent to a start looking at ChemTrails and what if any connection to atmosphere, air, Co2.

You can see more information by clicking the link.

Thank you for the read and as always feel free to contact my office with inquiries @ 518-587-8706. ~m. VARA


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